Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Color Me Once

I have been a bad adventurer lately. I try to go to the beach when I can because it's free (I'm broke) and it's fun (I love bodies of water). And -- shh -- I am trying to get a bit of a suntan. I've been unsuccessful in so many respects. I have a problem waking up early. Then I have a problem assembling myself, eating breakfast/lunch, and leaving the apartment. By the time my flip flops hit the trails, it is late afternoon. This is nearly always the beginning of my day. And, you know, it's highly annoying that it is nonstop sunshine during the three days of the week that I work and blahish during the four days of the week that I don't. I succumb to hermit-ism, and not even to do productive things like read or back-up my computer files. Instead, I watch terrible television jam-packed with informercials, eat too much bread, and wonder if my thighs or too big or if my hair is too dry.

At least when I do go out, I get to enjoy the fresh air, the sounds, the people, and, ah, the colors.

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thejourneyisthedestination said...

I really like that first image, highkey is always cool.