Friday, January 22, 2010

Portrait Project

I took an independent study this quarter to work on a personal project. Basically, I wanted to do strictly portraits as my portfolio is seriously lacking in this field. And I wanted the portraits to be of female students who are involved in creative fields -- some that I know, some that I don't know. I sort of started this project last spring in VICO 324, but I only walked away from that class with a few images that I still like. I am photographing in both digital and film formats... it feels nice to have the freedom to shoot film without the pressure of a deadline looming over my head.

I suppose there is something I want to say about being a young woman in a field that forces out of you a certain amount of personality. I haven't found the words yet. Maybe I can gather my thoughts after all the photos are taken.


Emily Nolan said...

The photo of Emily has such powerful feeling to it- the mood lighting and the vintage items/colors really set it off. Keep it up lady!

Ashleigh Dye said...

hey, i'm a new commercial student, i love your work and the project especially. good luck with it, I'd love to see more of your shots!

peter hoffman said...

Can't wait to see this.
I do hope you'll keep me posted.

Take care!