Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Only Sleeping

Most of the time, I hurry through my assignments for work. I am the photographer for the School of Health and Human Services, and most of what I have to shoot is completely foreign to me since I am used to directing pretty people in pretty clothes. For work, I point the camera and push down the shutter and it's almost mindless. And I am disappointed in myself for not having this gift of being able to make the most of every photographic situation. I am timid, yes... and maybe too painfully uninterested in every day life.

But every now and then I walk away with an image or two that I like.

Maybe I am too obsessed with an ideal and a fantasy. And perfection that isn't really even there.

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peter hoffman said...

I dig this bottom image.
Don't think too hard. We all shoot for ourselves at the core and if it just helps satisfy curiosity that's more than enough reason.

And you can do sooo much w/ 5d and 50mm, as you know. I'd look at the 85 1.8 and 35 f/2 as reasonable additions when you can. After that you not ever need more...