Saturday, November 28, 2009

Falling Away

It's morning and it is freezing in my house. This cup of hot tea has a funny taste to it. It's Saturday, post-holiday, post-Black Friday, post-anything newsworthy. Charles has, in his dedicated fashion, updated his blog with beautiful photographs of his family from Thanksgiving. I brought my camera to his house; unfortunately, I didn't take photos of his family members... just quiet little corners of his neatly decorated home. But, I haven't come here today to post those as they idly reside in my camera. Instead, I will post some photos I took while fall was still technically fall in Athens, though everything looks cold and dead and drab, welcoming a thick layer of snow. I am comforted, sitting in my kitchen in the early hours of the day, eating these store-bought cinnamon rolls. I'd rather not venture out into the world to complete tasks and things.

These photos were taken at Stroud's Run for the annual Dawn 2 Dusk project... they weren't published in the paper, unfortunately. I was a little disappointed. I guess a few other folks got all landscapey for the shoot, so mine were sort of overlooked. And maybe the tilt-shift didn't translate that well on print.

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